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Software Sales Careers is looking to help both companies and candidates build something that is rewarding, sustainable, and most importantly successful!

Having been building our database since 1997 we have the most comprehensive database and network of candidates available! Whether you are looking for hunters or relationship managers, whether building out a new team or upgrading the existing team our deep knowledge of the industry, extensive database, and our focused commitment to your success will help decrease your time to hire and ensure that the candidates that you hire will increase your sales!

We aren’t trying to find sales candidates that are just looking for a new role, we are committed to finding the top earners who are looking for your role! We find that top candidates that have already an interest in a company or come from the same space are going to be the most successful candidates.

We are fully committed to help companies verify a candidates accomplishments. Do to our large database of candidates and network of hiring managers our ability to verify a candidates success and help companies through the background verification process ensures success.

We can help you fill the following roles:

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